SHORT ATTENTION: Polished Turds: 25 Decent Songs and One by Chris Grivet: 7” EP

Pop punk’s response to grindcore. In the early-to mid-‘90s, there was a race between Anal Cunt, Spontaneous Disgust, and Agathocles to turn grindcore into mincecore. On a 45 7”, the record for “songs” was way over one hundred. If you count the sound of a blip a “song.”It’s “interesting” in a Phillip Glass sort of way, but pretty aggravating listening. On the other side of the pendulum—but folded into the same envelope—are “The Chipmunks of Pop Punk,” Short Attention. This record is reminiscent of the Fat comp, Short Music for Short People, where the song limit was thirty seconds, only reduced into further absurdity. Twenty-six “songs.” I’m a man of a long attention and this aggravated me by its very design. If you constantly scan and never land, this is tailor made for you… assuming you like minced chunks of pop punk.

 –todd (No Breaks)