SHORES: To Volstead: CD/LP

The nod that Shores gives to bands such as (early) Pedro The Lion, Codeine, and Bedhead is unmistakable. The ten songs coming in at forty-one minutes are tried and true slowcore and while that may be unusual for an album on No Idea, the sound does not stray far from the path that the genre has set out to define. A lot of this type of music had its run through the ‘90s and early ‘00s, so it’s interesting to hear a band taking up the sound as we make our way into the second decade of this century. While Shores plays competently, one thing I always enjoyed about slowcore was that some of the bands seemed capable of the occasional explosion and breakout with their sound. I’m not hearing much (if any) of that on To Volstead. Instead, this is an album of music played competently, but without anything to cause it to stand out from the crowd of other slowcore bands that have predated it in decades past.

 –kurt (No Idea,