SHOREBIRDS: Self-titled: 7”EP

Mar 27, 2008

I don’t think I’m alone in my affection for Big Drill Car, for punk that’s poppy, but not it the super-obvious ways, where the guitar work sneaks up on you over time, and you realize that all the instruments (usually lead by the guitars), regardless of the lyrics, sound hopeful and swelling; then you also come to realize that the lyrics are thoughtful and meaningful. It’s music which openly suggests that the listener can start believing in them. Shorebirds do exactly that. One song’s made and sung along by David Hayes, a golden dude if there ever was one; the guy who helped form Lookout! and walked away from it clean when he saw the shit sandwich it would become (and look how right he was), and formed Very Small Records. This is fantastic.

 –todd (Self-released)