SHOREBIRDS: It’s Gonna Get Ugly: LP

Dec 23, 2008

One 7”, a split 7”, a track on a compilation, and now an LP that some are claiming to be the best record of the year. In the short period of time that the Shorebirds were a band, they definitely produced some great music that not only sounds great but is also quite the testament to doing things yourself. Many people may have initially sought them out on the merits of their previous bands, but there is no denying that their catalog of songs stands on its own in both originality and quality. As for this particular slab of wax, if you haven’t been paying attention and I’m sure most people know, there’re some pretty hard times ahead and this LP is playing over the house speakers of the collapse. Highly conceptual while still being poppy and rocking; it’s hard for a band to go out on a higher note. 

 –Daryl Gussin (Rumbletowne)