SHOP FRONTS: So Sick b/w Shop Fronts & Polish Hammer: 7"

Jun 20, 2007

…i thought their first 45 pretty much bit, to tell you the truth, but, although i am still gonna hold off on anointing these guys (and girl) the sorely needed saviors of punk rock, i have no problem in admitting this is a three-song sampling of highly increased keen-ness. The a-side sounds like a stripped-down, female-vocalized version of the Spaceshits “More Abuse,” but with more of a Red (not “Redd”) Cross (not “Kross”) style Robo-beat; the b-side causes my reptilian brain-stem to want to excavate the Manic Depressives’ “Out With The In Crowd” three-song 7” for a quick compare/contrast session. Catchy, crunchy, under-produced and primitive, i now officially “see great promise” in this band. Huz the fuck Zah. BEST SONG: “So Sick” BEST SONG TITLE: “Polish Hammer?” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: If “Polish Hammer” is in reference to Ivan Putski, another childhood wrestling hero of mine, Wikipedia says that he’s now a security guard in a high school in a suburb of Austin, Texas. Huh.

 –norb (Noma Beach)