Jan 19, 2007

Man, I used to be a total Shonen Knife geek! These three girls from Japan were an obsession for me. I loved their handcrafted matching outfits, the songs about their favorite bands and especially all the songs about food! I saw them the first time when they came to Los Angeles to play. They flew here without their bass player Michie because she couldn’t get off work and they had to teach another woman how to play bass in two weeks. If I remember correctly, she barely could do it so the guys in Redd Kross and White Flag helped out. The second time they came to L.A. to play was the same day as the release date of Metallica’s black album. I went after the show to Tower Records who were selling the new CD after midnight. Whole different experience all together at that show. The first time was at a place that was like a school auditorium/gym. Seeing them at a club like the Roxy was great because of the good sound system and acoustics. I thought I was seeing a different band. When this CD was originally released, this was the period when I was tapering off my obsession even though I have the original release both on vinyl and CD. My favorites are the Burning Farm cassette (I heard it was re-released on CD in the ‘90s) and the Pretty Little Baka Guy LP. Any lover of cutesy, simplistic bubblegum garage pop can not deny this band’s appeal. I can’t believe it took so long to have this reissued.

 –don (Oglio)