SHODS, THE: Stop Crying: CD

Aug 10, 2009

This disc is living, breathing proof that life sucks big time. I reviewed an album by these guys a couple of years ago and was so completely taken by their Jam-y approach to rock’n’roll that I’ve pretty much wore the vinyl down to nothing. Naturally, I was more than a little excited to see this smiling up at me from the “review me” pile. The verdict? Life sucks pretty hard, boyo. Gone are the great hooks bristling with tense energy and in their place are bad ‘70s/ ‘80s rock trappings. Only one song, 13 tracks in, has any semblance of that old spark. Fuck, I wish I still drank heavily, ‘cause this wouldn’t be so painful. I hope they at least got paid well to suck this hard.

 –jimmy (Acme)

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