SHOCKS, THE: Bored to Be Zero 3: CD

Aug 27, 2009

Excellent eleven tracks of punk rock from this German three piece. I love it. The music is killer! It’s snotty, fast, and snappy most of the time. They show a little sign of new wave from time to time and sometimes they remind me a little of an early ‘80s post-punk pop band, but for the most part this is all-out punk. It’s done very well. The cover art is great and the packaging is nice, too. The booklet is all high gloss. You can tell they put some time and effort into the design of this CD. It all worked out. I can’t tell you what they are saying ‘cause all the lyrics are in German, but if you can read German (unlike me) you will be set! If you like punk rock, get this CD. You will be glad you did! –Mike Beer

 –guest (Dirty Faces)

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