SHOCKER, THE: Up Your Ass Tray: CD

Jun 23, 2009

Upon seeing that The Shocker is the latest outfit former L7-er Jennifer Finch has up and rolling, I was more than interested to see what she has going on here, being that I’ve always been quite a big fan of the mighty L7. The Shocker pretty much stick to the formula Jennifer rocked out of the speakers back in her L7 days, and there are some pretty bad-ass cuts here, my faves being “Your Problem Now” and “Break in Two.” There’s a cover here of Kim Carnes’ “Angel of the Morning” that will make even your hippy-dippy Mom break out in fist-pumping glee. And while she’s busy rocking, you can frisbee all her Fleetwood Mac and Eagles vinyl out the window, replacing it with more suitable LPs such as this one – if you love yer Mom, you’ll do it. Good release here and I’m looking forward to seeing it roar live.

 –dale (Oglio; )