SHOCK TROOPERS: Two Fast for Sleeves: CD-R EP

From what little I was able to glean from the web, Shocktroopers are a three-piece unit based in Wyoming. The opening salvo, “Annie and Rex,” is your standard operational thrasher with poppy undertones and flat, obnoxious, nasally vocals. From there, however, is where things start to get a bit more interesting. The remaining three tracks stick to solid mid-tempo rhythms and straight-ahead punk riffing done a billion times prior by a trillion other bands, but the aforementioned vocals start to work in the band’s favor, coming up just shy of sounding like Zero Boys vocalist Paul Mahern, and the guitars occasionally step up to plunk out the occasional simple, oddball lead that adds some much-needed color to the canvas. While not perfect, it’s pretty clear at first blush that these kids are just dancing on the rim of something with some serious potential.

 –jimmy (no address)