SHOCK: This Generation’s on Vacation: 7"

Sep 10, 2009

My pet peeves first. I work a shitty job so I got really good at talking shit. Why is it that the record label’s logo is bigger than the band name on the record itself? I thought the band name was Impact because the font was a bit bigger. Second, why didn’t I get one of those cheap ass white sleeves to protect my precious red vinyl. Music fans or record collector geeks cherish to the point of obsession on how well a record can rate and how immaculate it is. Third, the sleeve shows a group of ‘60s garage dudes and what do I hear? I hear a vocalist who either hasn’t reached puberty or is a transsexual. Pet peeves aside, a very good garage punk release that is not only catchy, but raw enough to make it worth while. The title track is the most amusing track and hums along long after it ends. The look is there, the sound is there, and I want to see and hear more!

 –don (Impact)

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