SHOCK: Shockproof 1976-1979: LP

Mar 17, 2015

At this point, Artifix has set itself as thee premier reissue label for Southern California-based punk, and this latest release further solidifies that rep. Shock are one of the early L.A. punk bands, active 1976-79, perpetually lost in the wake caused by more celebrated bands like the Germs, Bags, Weirdos, and so on. They managed two rock-solid 45s that are permanent fixtures on the record collector circuit, but have largely remained obscure to the larger pack of punters. As is Artifix’s way, collected here are the tracks for said 45s, plus assorted outtakes, demos, live cuts, and rehearsal takes (one recorded during their 2013 reunion) and eight pages of liner notes, ensuring that a holistic view of the band’s oeuvre is available for those looking to partake, and delivered with the attention to detail and care one comes to expect from the label. Limited to five hundred copies on white vinyl, so ye know this is gonna go fast. 

 –jimmy (Artifix)