SHOCK & AWE #6: $3 + postage, 11” x 8”, offset, 72 pgs.

Aug 22, 2013

I really can’t overstate how awesome this zine is. Phenomenal. Following the tried and true fanzine formula (columns, interviews, reviews), Shock and Awe is a truly inspiring endeavor that showcases just how amazingly active the punk scene is in Malaysia. The layout is incredible, the photos are excellent, the effort is more than apparent. Bands interviewed include Milisi Kecoa, Snaggletooth, Angkara, and a look back at the ‘80s–‘90s Manila band Dead Ends. A columnist or two try to push the “obnoxious” button a bit, but whatever––the rest of Shock and Awe more than compensates. The columnists talk about what we’ve talked about for decades: punk stuff. It’s international, this lexicon we’ve built over the decades that tries to discern, musically or otherwise, what’s worthwhile and worth knowing and worth lauding and what isn’t. This is a great fanzine, and I hope they keep it up. Shock And Awe is distro’d by quite a few places throughout the world, so I’d say those of us in the U.S. should hit up a distro like Feral Ward to get a copy. A truly inspiring effort.