SHOCK & AWE #5: $?, 7” x 8 ½”, offset, 64 pgs.

Aug 22, 2013

Holy shit. This is awesome, and so completely comprehensive and well-done and dealing with stuff I have no fucking clue about, which is the Klang Valley (Malaysia) punk scene. But now I do! And what’s more is that the more I read this, which has essays, a “brief” history of the Malaysian DIY hardcore scene from 1994-1997, columns, band interviews, record label/distro interviews, record reviews (contributors chose their top five Klang Valley releases of the past decade), the more I realized that I did have a clue about this after all. Not that I’d heard any of these bands before, or knew anything specific about the Klang Valley punk scene (beyond figuring that one existed), but in being given such a huge document of a completely separate, and in many ways distinct from my own, punk scene, I recognized much common ground––watching a venue (Rumah Api) be built from the ground up and become a keystone of a scene, even as it (or especially as it) changes and evolves, figuring out how to ethically and sensibly run your band or label, and most importantly, being clearly drawn to punk because you’re disgusted with so much about the society you exist in. These are things I know, live, and think about all the time. Same with the people behind and inside this issue of Shock and Awe, amongst much more. Recommended.

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