SHITTY NIGHTS: Rick Kid Jokes: Cassette

I’ve always thought the term “street punk” was a euphemism for “shitty, unrehearsed band.” This tape reminds me this sort of thing can be done well. I can’t tell if it’s intentional or not, but there’s a great whiff of ‘80s U.K. in this tape. Sometimes a great recording has a mojo to it where it seems like it could all fall apart at the seams. That’s where the urgency in punk lies. It’s not just being loud and/or obnoxious. This band either gets it, or is so cool they don’t have to. The riffs are simple, mid tempo, and pissed as hell. They bring to mind an angrier Vice Squad. “Fuck It I’m Trying” is an anthem quality song. Get it and put it on in your car. Good tape. 

 –Billups Allen (Let’s Go Do Some Crimes,