Wanna know the way to my heart for record reviews? Cheap novelty toys like Fortune Teller Fish and a personalized message. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt when your band totally rips. At first glance, I thought this might be a Masked Intruder release, as the cover is a ski mask with gradients of pink, orange, and blue ink. I’m pretty happy to find out I was wrong. The singer of Shitty Friends spits concentrated venom out with every belted word. It’s hardcore with a strong punk lean, backed with provocative and eerie guitar leads. The opening chords ring out in this chilling tone that puts you on edge the same way a shitty horror movie does. Bass and drums hold their own, too. In the majority of the songs they are the binding thread for this ball of chaos, with a classic hardcore breakdown sprinkled here and there. My favorite lines on this record are: “Did I speak or was it just in my brain? / Because it’s getting harder to relate / the words in my brain between the lies that my fucking mouth make.” This band is angry, fast, and talented. With limited edition white vinyl and colored silkscreened covers, the record is beautiful. And there is a Nation Of Ulysses reference etched into the trail off. Good stuff. 

 –Kayla Greet (Self-released,