SHIT OUTTA LUCK: Family Tradition: CD

Mar 27, 2008

Holy shit! No punches being pulled here. Right from the intro: “This one is dedicated to our fuckin’ families/It’s dedicated to the ones who fucked us up before we had a goddamn chance!” Wow. Those’re some pent-up issues right there. From there it sinks into some kind of Monster Magnet-esque sludge stoner fest. These heartfelt, angry songs to drinking and hating had me simultaneously wanting to give up the booze and wishing I had a big bottle to get me though the rest of the disc. Thankfully, there are only six songs on this thing. As a bonus, it goes out on the epic “Friday Night Fights.” Towards the end of the five minute-plus song, we get the speaking rant over the music. Pure gold. It goes from bitching about the price of beer, to people who drink “pussy ass” drinks other than whiskey, to shoving a frat boy’s balls up his ass(?!). It finishes off with a bunch of tough guy banter about picking fights blah, blah, blah… I don’t think you can blame your families for this shitty record.

 –ty (Organized Crime)