SHIT CREEK: Scene Cred Is Our Name and Lust for Brains: 7" EPs

Nov 17, 2011

Ben Snakepit’s singing voice sounds like a long, disorganized beard with food bits in it. And that’s not a dig. Brandon Dude Jams—I can’t be the first to say this—is really channeling his inner Ryan Young of Off With Their Heads both in with “We’re all fucked! You’re fucked! I’m the most fucked! Fucked! Whoah oh! Sing with me!” lyrics and the sounds his mouth makes when he sings. On the uptick, for sure, is the song “Guitarded,” which chronicles the Brazilian mahogany from the forest to the factory to Ben’s incapable hands playing it, to the awkward position it puts him in. If you don’t read the lyrics and just discount the music as “Bearded dudes with hygiene issues music,” you could make the argument that it sounds like bears wrestling... but you’d still be a douche. Shit Creek also call out hobopunx because, when you strip it down, they’re just base consumers, too. Knowing Ben and having met Brandon, Shit Creek is also a vessel that confronts “midlife” punk. I wouldn’t say “crisis” quite yet, but since punk is often hard on the body, the early thirties is when your “body rental” starts becoming “body ownership” and it’s time for some reevaluation. Shit Creek do that in song. To wrap it all up, what’s that word I’m thinking of? It’s a young shoot or twig of a plant, especially one cut for grafting or rooting? Or a descendant of a notable family? Shit Creek are really mad at that word. And, as a favor to me, please name your first LP, Up.  –todd (Cred: Dirt Cult / Lust: ADD)

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