SHIRKS: Self-titled: LP

Jul 29, 2013

What’s great about labels like Grave Mistake or Deranged is that they blur the lines between punk, garage, hardcore and everything in between, so all the kids (unbeknownst to them) can’t get themselves pigeonholed. If this band were on a label like Big Neck or Rip Off, they would be languishing in bars frequented by dudes whose favorite band is Johnny Thunders. Along with bands like the Shitty Limits or Henry Fiats Open Sore, the Shirks bring hardcore into their garage punk. For sure, they remind me of bands like the Problematics or the Stipjes from the early days of Rip Off Records, but these D.C boys have clearly spent some time with the Teen Idles and S.O.A. This is fucking killer.

 –Tim Brooks (Grave Mistake,