Sep 17, 2015

Super-charged two-piece power pop group from Tel-Aviv that is now based in Berlin. There are only four songs on this cassette but they’re all party anthems. This music is extremely commanding and danceable. It reminds me of a mix of King Khan And The Shrines meets The Marked Men. They put together some of the best cassette packaging I’ve seen in a while, which gives off an attitude of, “If we have to release on cassette, let’s make it look awesome.” On the first track, “When Will I See You Again,” the guitar solos are so good. The melodies are clear and sharp with blown-out vocals. The lyrics are all simple and to the point in a really great way, which is more than I can say about most American bands. The second song “Naked” bursts through with lines like, “Woooahm! Bahm! Blood on the sand / naked as on the day of my birth / Wham! Wham! Stuck in Sudan / in the desert and it’s burning hot.” It’s a rock’n’rollercoaster of a demo and worth checking out. Limited to one hundred copies on red cassettes. 

 –Kayla Greet (Twin Toe Records, / Huge Major Label,

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