SHENKIN PUNX: Shnataim Shel Zarot: CD

Sep 23, 2011

Unique and odd band from Tel Aviv, Israel that sounds like a weird mix of System Of A Down and Bad Acid Trip meets Propagandhi. Real clean production mixed with their unique blend of melodic punk rock metal and bits and pieces of grind to give it that circus feel. The vocalist’s delivery really steers me to SOAD. But not a whole lot excited me here. I really felt like I heard the same two or three songs over and over. They mix things up but don’t come across to these ears that anything captivating is going on. I probably would be more intrigued if I saw this live. Not sure if they wanted to reach outside of their own country. Having everything minus the band’s name written in Hebrew(?) makes it sort of inaccessible. Took a bit of research to figure out one of the labels that released it and what the title of the release was.

 –felizon (Twintoe,