Jul 29, 2009

The Shemps: Like a fawn getting its legs, stumbling out of the placental sac, and then learning how to wield a chainsaw, The Shemps started out in the world as mild mannered and have quickly evolved into a ripping unit. Parts pop, parts life of the party, part solid rock’n’roll mystery, I’d put them in league with The Stupor Stars. Nothing’s missing, and Artie’s vocal snot ratchets the proceedings up a couple notches. Plus, if you put “Suzie Werner played guitar on this recording, got arrested on tour, and quit the band a month later as a condition of her parole. Good luck Suzie!” in your liner notes, you know you’re dealing with a band that tests the edge of the blade. To Hell and Back: With ex-members of Devoid of Faith and John Brown’s Army, I was expecting more, uhhh, hardcore than a slowed down Zeke. I fall on the side of the pyramid that got their ass kicked while heavy metal got played on swung-open monster truck stereos in the parking lot in high school and those scars still haven’t healed, no matter how progressive. I’ve just recently embraced Motorhead and AC/DC as part of my rehabilitative therapy, but this it too much of a step. Sorry. Go Shemps! 

 –todd (Gloom)

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