SHELLSHAG: Why’d I Have to Get So High?: LP

Jan 19, 2016

Shellshag might as well take a proverbial guitar and smash it into modern music, demanding that music be better. Don’t even worry if you don’t like getting high, this will get you chill and still keep you dancing. Besides, most of these are basically love songs. The vocals on “‘90s Problem”—especially on the intro/outro—sound like an aching love song that my grandfather would play me from the ‘50s, but the instrumental core makes me want to dance around every room I have ever been in (as the lyrics ask the question, “Why did I have to get so high?”). The only way I can get songs like “Rattletrap” or “Pretty Eyes” out of my head is by replaying the entire record, and I am not even bummed. Plus the art of the liner notes is seriously sick. This record—released on Don Giovanni, a label that houses the likes of Downtown Boys, Worriers, and Screaming Females—belongs in your collection.

 –Maddy (Don Giovanni, / Starcleaner)

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