SHELLSHAG: Rumors in Disguise: LP

May 20, 2010

Shellshag is hard to define. If you’ve read any of the reviews from their first record, the word “experiment” usually appears at least once in some form or another. After two years, I still can’t figure out how to describe this band to people, but I do know that everyone should at least listen to them once, if not just for the strangeness of it all. Shellshag has also done the impossible task of ruining themselves. If you’ve ever seen them live, you know exactly what I mean. I can’t help but imaging them playing in a cramped living room at my friend’s house when listening to this. Their songs, no matter how well they’re recorded, never capture the amazing talent and fun they exude when in front of an audience. Oh yeah, the record is fucking great. Essential listening. Nothing I said should undermine how good of a record this actually is, but if they’re ever in your town (or within proximity), go to them. You shall understand. Amen.

 –Bryan Static (Don Giovanni,