SHELLSHAG: Rumors in Disguise: CD

If this album were to be described in household appliances, it would be some kind of humidifier-juicer-slow-cooker hybrid. Just soothing, nutritious, delicious, patient, songwriting with maximum payoff. I’ve been a huge fan of this duo since I first heard their debut, Destroy Me, I’m Yours, and, if anything, Rumors in Disguise is their best work to date. If you’ve yet to check this band out, imagine if This Bike Is A Pipebomb decided to become a minimalist psych-garage Pixies cover band that would only play the Pixies songs that were actually good. If that doesn’t make any sense, here’s a much clearer rundown: Shell plays guitar while Jennifer plays drums. They both sing and together they create these spectacularly indefinable songs that I’m convinced almost everyone has a place for in their lives.

 –Daryl Gussin (Don Giovanni)