SHELLSHAG: Fuck Society, Vol. 1: LP

Mar 26, 2012

As one may predict, the husband/wife duo known as Shellshag have an intimate relationship with music. This may seem all to obvious, ‘cause when I think of Shellshag, I think of music and intimacy: two powerful, distinctive personas singing songs to each other while everyone crowds around and enjoys the collateral affection. On Fuck Society, Vol. 1, they blaze through thirteen covers of songs that hold a dear spot in their hearts. Finishing up the record is the title track “Fuck Society”—the only song that’s not played by Shellshag—performed by Chattanooga’s AK77. If you’ve ever caught Shellshag, chances are you’ve seen them cover at least one of these songs, bringing life to old memories,and igniting the audience with their integrity and candor. A covers LP can be a hard sell, but if you can’t trust Shellshag, who can you trust? Features covers by Shotwell, Inxs, The Undertones, Warsaw, Hickey, Liz Phair, Archers Of Loaf, URTC, When In Rome, Descendents, Fleshies, Wipers, and The Jam.

 –Daryl Gussin (Mauled By Tigers)