SHELL SHAG: Destroy Me I’m Yours: LP (comes with CD)

Sep 25, 2007

You know what’s great sometimes about DIY punk rock? For all the petty shit that can go down, it can be an open door which interesting, inventive bands are invited to play, even though they may not fit a recognizable pattern. Shell Shag’s a perfect example of that, as they remind me simultaneously of bands as far flung as Bongwater to the Pixies, from labels like AmRep to Merge, but it ultimately sounds like a big bang has exploded in these two folks’ heads and they’ve done a great job of worm-holing that unique universe down on vinyl. And they’re welcome to play backyards and basements, down with strumming This Bike Is A Pipebomb tunes when equipment malfunctions, and putting out a record that’s as challenging and ethereal as it is melodic, snappy-crunchy, and feisty. For those of you who don’t mind some mental stretching, via the naked cult of Hickey, to Fleshies, to Guided By Voices, to made-up lullabies, and who also want a rump-shaking payoff for all of that experimenting, look no further. Neat, neat, neat.

 –todd (Starcleaner)