It’s like nothing’s changed since the nineties with this melodic hardcore stuff. A time when I—like many other young punks—owned Fat Music for Fat People among other similar compilations which I listened to in search of new punk bands. I also had Epitaph compilations like More Songs about Anger, Fear, Sex and Death. But I quickly moved on. It was always too clean and watered down for me, and a lot of it was just dumb, like songs about not wanting to take a shower. Stuff like Pennywise and Strung Out seemed to, at best, be gateway bands for most of the punks I know. It was quickly replaced with better stuff by simply getting out to shows. The fact that it’s still happening is always kind of a shock to me. Who’s listening to this kind of super over-produced mediocrity? Is it even the punks? Or is it just snowboarders and alterna-bros these days? Is it the same folks who listened to it back in the ‘90s having never scratched the surface, or a revolving door of fourteen to eighteen-year-olds? I really doubt there’s any money to be made in middle-of-the-road Vans Warped Tour punk these days. That bubble is long popped. So is this a sincere effort? These guys will even let you download this album for free, so they can’t be all bad. Their songs are politically relevant, too. If they were all teenagers, that might make a little bit more sense. I’m not, by any means, saying they look old, but nobody would fault them for doing the ex-punk, beard-country thing. Who’s their audience?

 –Craven (Fat)