Originally released in 2006, this album is now available for the first time in the long player format. Poison Hands is a loose, exposed wire of art-damaged skronking—flopping around on the ground, sparks terrifyingly shooting out in utter unpredictability. Chaos is in charge and she’s making up for lost time. If you were feeling like the eight songs on side A were too conventional, get ready for “Whitemud,” which takes up the entire span of side B and clocks in at a mere twenty-one minutes. A third of an hour of improvisational noise and about a minute of coordinated music, conveniently contained on a single, encroaching groove. Definitely not a release that everyone is gonna be able to get something meaningful out of, but I guarantee you it’s better than a lot of the records you have in your collection. 

 –Daryl Gussin (Gilgongo)