Oct 28, 2015

Calling these cats noisy is about as big an understatement as saying the food at Tommy’s is greasy (for those outside of California, Tommy’s is an infamous burger chain best known for dousing everything on their menu with a quasi-chili that leaves everything it comes in contact with a slippery electric-orange hue that’ll make your arteries howl in horror). There’s little in the way of sonic dynamics other than some songs are more structured than others. While one starts to hope for even the briefest respite to all the bludgeoning around the mid-way point, there is nonetheless something oddly catchy buried in places, seemingly emanating from the rhythm section, where the bass and drums occasionally lock in and give the screeching guitar wiping a solid backbone. There is a method to the skronk, and just when you think you’ve got ‘em all sussed out, they hit you with a twenty-plus minute opus of mostly improvised noisemongering. Like Tommy’s, I’m sure there are many who will hate it and dismiss it as crap, but for some of us, this makes a fine dinner. 

 –jimmy (Gilgongo,