SHATTERHAND: Compliancy Is Not an Option: CD

Mar 07, 2011

Let us examine the nature of Shatterhand. Here we have a band from Scotland who sounds like a mix of Descendents and Leatherface. At points, you might think that they have two different singers, but no. There is only one vocal credit on the insert (note: lyrics are not included). This is a compilation with no inherent logic to the order of the songs. I have no idea which ones are earlier or which ones belong to the same releases. Shatterhand definitely sounds better when the singer is channeling Milo Aukerman than those few awkward attempts at his Frankie Stubbs impression. For the sake of continuity, pick a vocal style and stick with it, or at least tell me if those were early songs so I don’t complain about them so much. Otherwise, a fine retrospective of a band I had never heard of. Good job.

 –Bryan Static (Unsane Asylum,

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