SHATTERED FAITH: Modern Convenience: 7”

The title track is a potent grinder, similar in execution to D.I.’s “Richard Hung Himself,” or Adolescents’ “Democracy,” with lyrics name checking various conspiracy theory bogeymen and a shadow government that offers security in exchange for the liberty of the American population. The flip, “USA,” is a studio recording of a flag-waving rah-rah tune that’s been kicking around their set for quite a while. Much as I’ve loved this band—and the tunes here easily stand toe-to-toe with their “classic” work of three decades past—the country’s hard-right lurch over especially the past fourteen years renders songs that once felt like a well-placed jab in the eye to punk’s lefty sensibilities into jingoistic anthems that just don’t sit well outside the setting of some creepy Tea Party powwow. Ah, well, while I might not agree with ‘em lyrically here, the tunes are undeniably strong. Also includes a download card with a 1982 live set from the T-Bird Rollerdome in Pico Rivera. 

 –jimmy (Hostage)