The title track reminds me of Psychocandy-era Jesus and Mary Chain, except fronted by some ladies: more fuzz than a shaggy mohair sweater, sexy drippings of vocals, restrained keyboard, inviting guitar. “Lick My Ass” has the keeper of a line, “If you’re going to gonna lick my pussy, you’re gonna lick my ass.” Then the word “lick” is repeated a bunch. It almost sounds like a nasty, finger-jamming Bjork. Not a bad world to live in. “Rock’n’Roll Detox” pulls the erotic dancing pole of the Pixies between their legs and starts swinging around. Occasional high squeaks, down to breathy Kim Deal interludes, dappled with smooth, heated guitar bursts. Not a bad (debut?) at all.

 –todd (Soft Spot;