Jan 27, 2015

Sharkpact is Camille and Jeff, a keyboard/drums duo from Olympia, WA, who inhabits the same scene as RVIVR, Dogjaw, and Prank War. It would be grossly reductive to say that Sharkpact is pop punk with a keyboard, as the keys could not be replaced with power chords. Instead, their vocals gleefully burst forth, harmonizing with the synth in ways impossible to guitar-wielding punk bands. I’m reminded of Kiwi’s uplifting inflections, but challenging anarchist politics: “I was taught class by the smell of a laundromat.” Each song is food for thought, yet even without glancing at the lyrics, Run is still perfect boogie music. Sharkpact makes me want to pedal my ass off on my bike until I’m drenched in sweat and self-realization: Sure, it’s great to be alive, but make your life count for something. 

 –Sean Arenas (Ditches, / Starcleaner, / Rumbletowne,

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