Sep 19, 2013

Shark Pact is two members of Hail Seizures!, one on drums and one on synthesizer. These two have a couple of the most moving and emotive voices in punk right now and their passion just pours off the record. I’ve been following Olympia punk pretty closely these days and it’s partly a result of what these two have been contributing to its sound. I had been playing Shark Pact’s last album a lot before getting this 7” to review and I wasn’t disappointed. I love the darkness of their lyrics that are confrontational to the head-in-the-sand positivity of their liberal arts town. They’re unafraid to deal with real depression and despair. Their sound is odd. It isn’t pop new wave, nor is it noisy like Nervous Gender or the punk-without-guitars sound of a band like The Screamers. It’s kind of like if the band Europe were dirty punk with crashing, grandiose keyboards, vigorous shouting and fervent, angry, drumming. It’s not catchy. It takes some time to digest. At first, it might seem like a dis to compare them to Europe, but think about it... a punk-as-fuck Europe? C’mon, you’re curious. Sometimes I spin the Custody Battle side and sometimes I don’t. I’m definitely not as enthusiastic about them, but there’s nothing wrong with their three songs of drunken, filthy punk or their despondent, hungry lyrics. They sound like one of those short-lived Chattanooga bands that slipped through the cracks and that’s fine with me.

 –Craven Rock (Ditches, [email protected])