SHAPESHIFTER: Self-titled: 7”

Sep 27, 2006

Like The Degenerics, this is another band that my friend Joe had sent to me not knowing I had gotten this for review. Unlike The Degenerics, I’m not really that into what I hear here. I like what he sent; I listened to it over and over. Wait, I’m a complete moron. It’s the same exact release. I listened to Joe’s copy on my little jambox and I listened to mine on my laptop. World of difference to me. What I thought was tinny sounding wasn’t at all. Really lyricaL crust that isn’t without melody. If, in the song “Feeding the Beast,” the lyrics actually correctly spelled when it says, “as the bones enrich the soil under our feat,” then I applaud you on your word play (it easily could go over the top, but is always well-balanced, and not a groan was induced). It was suggested that this is reminiscent of Aus Rotten, but seeing as I’ve avoided them for (apparently misguided) presumptions, I’m not sure. If they are (but I think I might just give Aus Rotten a chance now). A strong release with a cover photo of old cars that had me mesmerized.

 –megan (Don Giovanni)

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