Feb 26, 2009

A good pairing for a split, since bass player Andy Nolan is/was in both bands. Limited to three hundred copies pressed total and one hundred mailorder copies are on white vinyl with special hand stenciled second cover and a bonus 7” with stenciled band logos. That second 7” is unplayable but looks cool, if you were wondering. Shank: They do a cover of Citizen’s Arrest Number that has the same production sound of the last two Victims records. Absolutely powerful and yet raw at the same time. One of the last songs recorded before their break up. The Endless Blockade: A cover of Judge’s “Fed Up” is presented on their side. The band definitely put their own spin on their contribution. It’s a dirtier and harsher version which, I believe, is much faster than the original.

 –don (Schizophrenic)