Jun 08, 2009

Turkish Techno: In this post Hot Water Music world, it’s difficult to tread water in that band’s wake. But, Turkish Techno pulls it off by casting their net into good, old-fashioned hardcore aggression’s waters. While it sounds like several contemporary bands are deep frying frozen fishsticked of parts of HWM’s catalog in an attempt to recreate previous magic while ultimately sounding greasy and clogged, Turkish Techno adds the acidic lime of bands like early Black Flag to “cook” the raw fish. A ceviche, if you will. A delicious one. Shang-a-Lang: Still choke me up more than just a little when I listen to them or see them live. They play with an earnestness usually reserved to musicians ten or fifteen years younger, the music is the perfect sloppy tightness, and, having personally put all of their songs onto a more versatile digital format, I can support the thesis that even their anti-work songs made a day of pick axing all the more tolerable, bordering on pleasurable. Duct tapedly awesome.

 –todd ((Muy Autentico,

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