SHANG-A-LANG: ERROR: You Cannot Add Yourself as a Friend: 7" EP

Sep 25, 2007

Even though I’d never heard Shang-a-Lang before this 7”, I felt like saying, “Hello, old friend.” They come across as a comfortable quilt of bands I already enjoy muchly. The good news is that they don’t remind me too much of just one band, nor do I suspect they’ve got musical photocopy machines tucked away in their back pockets. Their music musical radar blips in the storm front populated by Scared of Chaka, The Bananas, ADD/C and Dead Things (and it’s a toss up if they’ve ever heard those bands). It’s not as straight ahead as initial listenings would indicate, easy-to-sing-along-to DIY punk, that’s as fun to listen to, I imagine, as it was fun to make. It’s also super easy to smile along to. 300 made. Hand numbered. Good news.

 –todd (Dirt Cult)