Even before listening, this recording has ticked off each box on the checklist of cool in my book: 1. Sweet-ass artwork by Mitch Clem (can he please create a dinosaur coloring book?) and 2. Clear vinyl. Obviously, these could be very, very misleading characteristics, but I am happy to say that the contents more than accurately portray the awesomeness that is this split. This 7” is one you get bummed out when you spend your last three dollars at the bar, before noticing the merch table. Maybe I am a little biased for Brickfight, but they blew me away live, and I’ve been collecting any Shang-A-Lang stuff I can get my grubby hands on since I first hear ‘em. Both bands sound great, this would be an excellent primer/gift for a person unfamiliar with the bands. This split has found a very happy home in my collection, and I will be humming these songs all day long.

 –Samantha Beerhouse (Facepalm,