Oct 16, 2009

Shang-A-Lang: Turn that frown into kickass DIY punk jams. As the dust of time settles on the shoulders of Las Cruces, New Mexico’s musical heritage, I do hope that these four troubadours tricking out every last watt, amp, and atom out of their testy 4-track get remembered as being as a flickering flame of hope. I also hope Chris Mason never starts a cult, because that’s something I might consider joining, and I think cults are stupid. Brick Fight: Since I know nothing about musical equipment, I’ve always wondered if there was an amp or effects pedal that you could switch on that’s labeled “sound British.” Perhaps Rancid’s got that patented. Speaking of, sounds like a lot like early Rancid and late ‘90s not-very-pop pop punk with a lot of snot, say, like the Nobodys, with less porn in the monitors. Hey Mitch, congrats on your first release.

 –todd (Facepalm,

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