SEXY: Por Vida: LP

Jul 02, 2009

Musical regrets are a dime a dozen. But, I think this one hits many DIY punk folks more acutely. Por Vida was initially released on Onion Flavored in 2002/2003 in a pressing of five hundred. Poof. Gone. No re-press. And although the CD version remained (remains?) available for quite some time, I’m with you on this. The CD isn’t the same as the LP, especially with a band like Sexy that seems at home being played on shitty stereos with milk crates of records by the side. Christians can have their Easter Bunny, Buddhists can Big Wheel into the next life on their reincarnation wheels, and I’ll put my chips in with the importance of keeping great music (especially records) in print, long after other bands from 2002 are understandably buried and forgotten. It’s because this shit makes me feel happy and alive and good and human. Sexy’s great. Sexy’s dead. Long live Sexy.

 –todd (Thrillhouse)