SEXY: Boma Ye!: CD

Jul 13, 2006

I can’t describe how happy I was to see this when it came in. Por Vida is one of my favorite albums. But this walks a very different path than Por Vida. The instant infection of the songs, that immediate catchiness that made each track of Por Vida essential from first listen, just isn’t there. I’ve listened to this over and over trying to get it under my skin, and it has to a degree. It almost sounds as if this would be the album that precedes Por Vida, the album they would have grown from and built off of, so I almost see it as a regression rather than a new step for them. I was worried that it may have been my bias due to my adoration of Por Vida, so I got tricky. I’d put it on for people who loved the first album without telling them what it was. They would listen with half an ear and then by about the fourth song ask who was it was, and were always surprised that it was Sexy. With time, it’s grown on me, and I find some songs (like the run of “Choke the World” through “T.K.I.YT.”) that I play over and over again. It’s still a strong record; I just had really, really high expectations.

 –megan (Plan-it-x-south)