SEX TIDE / BLOODY SHOW: Self-titled: Cassette

Both of these Columbus, OH bands are pretty decent, and I suspect both that the tape does not do either of them justice and in a live show they’d both rock pretty hard. Sex Tide is a guitar/drum duo who sound so much like Demolition Doll Rods that I would think that’s who it was if I didn’t know better. However, Sex Tide’s songs have a more consistent sense of rock to them than what I’ve heard from the Doll Rods, with their occasional turgid droners that make me want to change the record. Bloody Show is a trio that sounds to me like local bands from Detroit/Hamtramck when I lived in that area—they’ve got this gritty, plodding-but-driving feel to them reminiscent of Detroit-area bands from the early-to-mid-2000s. They’re kind of like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, but with much more raw urgency and much less production value. Score two for Columbus! 

 –Eric Carlson (No address listed)