SEX: These Fractal Are Days: Cassette

Sep 11, 2012

Raw and down to the bare essentials punk rock with abrasive qualities. There’s an urgency here that I like. It sounds like all the songs were recorded live and in one take. The instruments are pushed up front nice and loud, and the vocals are slightly buried under the noisy din. At times you can hear the words loud and clear, and others it’s a marbled mouth muffle. Some songs like “Nothing/Anything” and “Drop Out” are complete throwaways, but then you have a song like “Leisure Time” which has a Voidoids kind of quality in the guitar playing, with the crashing and tuneful aspects mashed together, hinting at something deeper than what’s on the surface. Certainly not a perfect tape, or entirely memorable, but there are some things worth a couple listens.

 –M.Avrg ([email protected])

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