SEX RAYS: Self-titled: 7”

This is a major pet peeve of mine—why do you need an adapter to listen to 7” these days? The entire purpose of those large holes punched out in 45s was so the arms of jukeboxes could pick up the record and play it. At this point, most jukeboxes are internet connected and hardly store any music at all. So when I see that I need a spider (adapter) to listen to new records, my brain hurts. Sex Rays have a fitting sound for that era, though—straying close to the ‘60s psychedelic / mod revival stuff with organ-style keyboard parts. Real stripped-down guitar and drums a la The White Stripes for most of the A side, backed with an instrumental jam that’s appropriate for any hipster coke party. 

 –Kayla Greet (Pinata)