SEX PRISONER: Self-titled: EP

Jan 20, 2011

The power violence revival continues. Sex Prisoner, from Arizona, sound a lot like Crossed Out mixed with some Infest. Musically, they deliver. The sound is heavy, abrasive, and definitely rife with anger. They rarely venture into full-on thrash, which is a plus. Instead, you’re bludgeoned with some heavy riffs and a vocalist who spits the words out in a throaty, dry rasp. The lyrics, however, tend to get ridiculous and one dimensional. A lot of “beat down” posturing going on with threats of breaking one’s ankles (“Lethargy”), shitting on someone’s clothes (“Vanity”), the really confusing “Piss When I Cum,” which starts off ranting about “crackheads,” then the singer declaring he can’t be broken, he’s a “motherfucking machine,” then ranting about people begging change for dope. The list goes on. Makes me wonder if whoever writes the lyrics is in a fucked living situation, so they’re just lashing out, or are they a paranoid right winger? Musically, I’d recommend this. Lyrically, it’s a cringe fest. As a friend once said about bands like Tragedy and From Ashes Rise, “The music is great, as long as you ignore the lyrics!” You can apply that here as well.

 –M.Avrg (To Live A Lie)

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