SEWERGROOVES, THE: Revelation Time: CD

May 27, 2009

Sweden produces an amazing amount of bands for a country of its size. Maybe I’m biased, but I never seem to go wrong when the band originates from that country. Here is a band I haven’t heard for a few years, but I am glad they are still rocking strong. The music is straight-to-the-balls rock and roll with tinges of garage, southern, and ‘60s to this reviewer’s ear. No frills and no bullshit. With the current state of rock released by the majors being stagnant and packaged, it’s hard for me to listen to that crap. With a band like this, the energy of punk is displayed with its raw and genuine energy. The songwriting has improved since the last time I listened to this band, with the addition of a more permanent lineup. A minor historical note is that the drummer for the Hellacopters played drums for this band in early incarnation. I believe since the hype in major music magazines is so big right now for the Hives and the International Noise Conspiracy, which both originate out of Sweden, these guys could be also have greater exposure to the world.

 –don (Low Impact)