SEWER TROUT: From the Forgotten Memories of Punks Failed Hopes and Dreams Loom...: CD

Feb 28, 2008

1988 did pretty much suck as far as punk rock went – everybody kind of fucked off and was either into REM-like collegiate blandness or Guns’n’Roses-like bandana rock, and what passed for punk rock at that point was dreary, monotonous and self-important (not to mention being kind of a fuckhead magnet at that point as well). Thus, one of the leading problems facing the scientific community was “How can we make punk that doesn’t suck?” It was kind of an ongoing project that took several years to get right (and, in all fairness, it did also take several years to get it wrong as well). Sewer Trout – what with their dippy humor and harmonies and occasional sprigs of melody and Ian Woodcock-esque bass runs – were obviously something that, were i to have popped in a demo of theirs or something while delivering pizzas in my ‘74 AMC™ Matador, i would have doubtless concluded were on “my” side. That said, i can’t imagine too many more occasions left in my life when i’ll need to hear “President of the Anarchist Club” or “Vagina Envy” to really set the mood, let alone every recorded version thereof. Hey, are cassettes cool again yet? BEST SONG: “Garbage In, Garbage Out” BEST SONG TITLE: “TSOL Esidarap” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Coors™ still sucks.

 –norb (Sactoe Punk Archive)

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