SEWER TROUT: Free (“but trades and dollars happily accepted”), 5 ½” x 8”, photocopied, 16 pgs

Jul 21, 2011

Fandom manifests itself in many forms. From the annoying—e.g., obsessive record collecting of each iteration of every record a band does and patches on butt flaps—to the banal—e.g., T-shirts—it rarely expresses appreciation (insofar as it seems to fall short of giving back). Turning friends on to a band and interviewing a band are two exhibitions of fandom that seem much more appreciative. Thus this zine is perhaps one of the most appreciative displays of fandom that I have ever seen. You see, Sewer Trout is not a zine about feces but one dedicated to the long gone band, Sewer Trout. It has stories of how one of the curators first heard of Sewer Trout, how the two curators met and bonded over Sewer Trout, why they like the band (the corollary being why you check them out), an interview with Hal MacLean (of Sewer Trout, duh), and artwork gathered from Trout records. I, like Joe and Ben from D.C. (who together are the source of Sewer Trout), think that Sewer Trout was a great band—coincidentally, I was listening to their Flawless 10” the evening before I received this here zine in the mail for review—and am sorry to see they aren’t as well regarded as many other bands from the same place in space-time. That said, I don’t think that I’m biased when I declare that this zine is great. I do love the focus of Sewer Trout, but it is the intent and execution that make this zine not only innovative but also one of the most captivating demonstrations of fandom that I have encountered. Even if you have heard Sewer Trout and already love them (or are dumb and think that they suck), you should still check this zine out merely because of the ingenuity and the “if not you, then who?” inspiration. –The Sewer Trout Fanzine, 1409 Longfellow St., Washington, DC 20011